Untold LA

Photographing the Astonishing Homes of LA's West Adams District

In 2012 photographer Jett Loe encountered the forgotten Los Angeles District of West Adams, the original wealthy area of town, the “Beverly Hills before Beverly Hills.”  Filled with an astonishing collection of Victorian and Craftsman homes in vibrant, diverse neighborhoods West Adams proved to be a revelation.  Following a successful Kickstarter campaign Jett spent two years producing this mammoth delight of a book that documents the variety of homes and people in the area.

Totaling a fully interactive 365 pages with 500 photos, 70 oral history audio clips from West Adams residents and two hours of behind-the-scenes video commentary, Untold LA is a massive treasure trove for lovers of Los Angeles, American history and architecture.

Inspired as I am by the astonishing homes of Los Angeles' West Adams District, Untold LA would never have happened without the generous support of the local community. Special thanks goes to the organizations and folks who gave their time, advice and monies to make this project a reality. Please click on the links below to see how their products and services can help you.

West Adams Heritage Association

Natalie Neith - Los Angeles Realtor

LINDEMAN / STEVENS Landscape Design

Jade Tiger Productions - the Zen Art of Multimedia


The Craftsman Bungalow

Robinson Residences - Classic Housing Near USC

Mark DeMan and Ken Smith, Skip and Tzarina Longfellow, Rani Cardona, Nancy Hirsch, Jim Stanek, Steve Rupert, Wayne Ordinary American, Eric Aagaard, Albert E. Aubin, Sally Turner, Don Lynch, Brian Madden, Kevin Keller, Ashley E. Harvie, Jeff Sellars, Bill Noble, Janine Pesci, Suzanne Henderson, Matthew Hutchinson, Roger and Marguerite Stewart, Jacki Morie & Rob Smith, Wendy Radford, Ben Michelsen, John Paul Rice, Andy & Shirley Dawn, Chad Smith, Andrea Dunlop and Max Miceli, Danny Miller and Kendall Hailey, Lisa Ellzey, Francesca Innocenti, Matt "Stumpy" Patterson, John Buckley Gordon, Rory Cunningham, Regina Jones, Andy Armstrong, Jeff Valdez, Fabian Raygosa, Sergio Álvarez, Jason and Jennifer Saenz, Nicholas F. Daum, elestereo, Marisa J. Lown, Caroline Rupprecht, Jeff and Suzy Namba, Ronald Hasler, Corbin Saleken, Sharon Woodhouse, Patrick & Julie Bowman, DonnaAnn Ward, Caroline Labiner, Alex Marrache, Shana J. Daloria, Katie Lewis, Amy E Morie, Fixer, Sharon L. Cohen, Kimberly Burkett, Kim H., Matthew Guderian, Erin Keegan, Kayla Cagan, Carla Williams, Marcus J Freed, Brandon C. Nuckelt, Monika & Marc Schattenmann, FrolleinFlow, Sarah J Heckscher, Gerolf Nikolay, A. Attrell, Stephen E. Roulac, Joe de Kadt, Takaaki Furuse, Julienne Amsden, Jeff Tinkelman, Elliot V. Kotek, Kelsey Browne, Pierre Blanchet, Christopher Holbrook, Kit de Vore, Heather Ferguson and David Chiu, David J. Whelan (@djwhelan), Natalie Willes, Josh Polon, Gary Rubenstein, BLDG BLOK, Alphonso Tapia, zuhah.com, Cookin with Notaspringchick