Untold LA

Photographing the Astonishing Homes of LA's West Adams District

In 2012 photographer Jett Loe encountered the forgotten Los Angeles District of West Adams, the original wealthy area of town, the “Beverly Hills before Beverly Hills.”  Filled with an astonishing collection of Victorian and Craftsman homes in vibrant, diverse neighborhoods West Adams proved to be a revelation.  Following a successful Kickstarter campaign Jett spent two years producing this mammoth delight of a book that documents the variety of homes and people in the area.

Totaling a fully interactive 365 pages with 500 photos, 70 oral history audio clips from West Adams residents and two hours of behind-the-scenes video commentary, Untold LA is a massive treasure trove for lovers of Los Angeles, American history and architecture.

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Reshooting La Fayette Square

One of the problems in starting a project with a new camera system, (like the Fuji X-Pro 1 used in Untold LA), is that it takes time to find your style - time to find out how the technology works - how your own vision and sensibility meshes with the technology, etc.

With this in mind my photographic style changed over the course of the two years shooting Untold LA - to the point where I'm not happy with some of the photos taken in the early days. So I'm doing a bit of reshooting. I was never happy with the shots taken in La Fayette Square for instance, and so have been revisiting the area when I can.

The photo above is from one of the reshoots last weekend. I'll leave no comment about it other than what's obvious to me - over the course of two years shooting I realize that the project is as much about how the homes are inseparable from the flora in the environment as the homes themselves.

These new photos will be in the iBook version 1.6 - should be on the iTunes store within a month or so - the iBook is like an App in that if you have a copy already you can update it and get the latest version free of charge when it's available. 


Fuji X-Pro 1 Night Test, Part 2

Following on from the other night's test here's an example of the same spot, this time with the camera locked down with a magic arm on a tripod, ISO 200, at f14 for 45 seconds. You may not be able to tell from the low resolution image above but the image is sharper with of course less grain.

My hope is to include some night shots of the Victorians in this neighborhood, their windows illuminated in the darkening gloom.