Untold LA

Photographing the Astonishing Homes of LA's West Adams District

In 2012 photographer Jett Loe encountered the forgotten Los Angeles District of West Adams, the original wealthy area of town, the “Beverly Hills before Beverly Hills.”  Filled with an astonishing collection of Victorian and Craftsman homes in vibrant, diverse neighborhoods West Adams proved to be a revelation.  Following a successful Kickstarter campaign Jett spent two years producing this mammoth delight of a book that documents the variety of homes and people in the area.

Totaling a fully interactive 365 pages with 500 photos, 70 oral history audio clips from West Adams residents and two hours of behind-the-scenes video commentary, Untold LA is a massive treasure trove for lovers of Los Angeles, American history and architecture.

The End of the North University Park Chapter

[As part of the remit to make the Untold LA iPad Book available to as many people as possible I'll be posting photos from the book in sequential order on a regular basis until it is completely online.] 

We end the North University Park Chapter with three photos: above, residents have created a sheltered space on an unbuilt lot. Below, a craftsman apartment building built in 1910, (though its chimneys were knocked down by the Northridge Earthquake the building itself is still occupied). Below that, a walk and run for the homeless down Hoover Street, (you can see another photo from the event here).

PS: here's a bonus photo below - this was an unused image of that Craftsman Apartment above; now that I'm looking at the photo after some time has passed since it was taken am thinking it might be better for the book than the image that's currently used - more drama with that Dutch Angle!