Untold LA

Photographing the Astonishing Homes of LA's West Adams District

In 2012 photographer Jett Loe encountered the forgotten Los Angeles District of West Adams, the original wealthy area of town, the “Beverly Hills before Beverly Hills.”  Filled with an astonishing collection of Victorian and Craftsman homes in vibrant, diverse neighborhoods West Adams proved to be a revelation.  Following a successful Kickstarter campaign Jett spent two years producing this mammoth delight of a book that documents the variety of homes and people in the area.

Totaling a fully interactive 365 pages with 500 photos, 70 oral history audio clips from West Adams residents and two hours of behind-the-scenes video commentary, Untold LA is a massive treasure trove for lovers of Los Angeles, American history and architecture.

Western Heights Gets a Look In

There's so many extraordinary buildings in West Adams that I could do a whole book on just the homes in my neighborhood of Harvard Heights. But I must not be parochial Dear Reader and so I expand my sites beyond, today to the Western Heights area of West Adams. 

Look closely and you'll notice a painting of the Titanic above the fireplace. Turns out the home owner is one of the world's experts on the ship. So much so that as I saw the film again recently during its re-release in the cinema I almost spit out my Redvines when I saw a cameo by said home owner in the film!